General Manager

Job Published: 02/01/2019

The General Manager reports directly to the CEO of RusAnt Limited. He or she shall: –

  • Facilitate the exploration programme and mine and plant development at Ilinskoye antimony mine in Zabaykalsky region according to Western standards and Russian norms.
  • Takes full responsibility for the Budget including monthly funds requests and monthly reporting of expenditure.
  • Sets up and follows local Company Procedures as advised by legal counsel, provides direction and structure for operating units.
  • Negotiates contracts of works with drillers, suppliers, local and international contractors and purchase and sales contracts.
  • Ensures compliance with all the mining licenses and permits.
  • Recommends staffing levels and ensures that staff are hired only after a consultancy period with the CEO of RusAnt Limited.
  • Manages all business processes so that the Project can be achieved as set out, on time and in the budget.
  • Ensures that good relations are maintained with key local interest groups.
  • May participate in developing policy and strategic plans.
  • Implements programs to ensure attainment of business plan for growth and profit through the commencement of production at other acquisition targets in the region.

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