Evgeny Trukhin

Currently, in the Project, Evgeny Trukhin carries out monitoring and control over the execution of all design works, including: resource calculation, project mine development TsKR, technical project plant TsKR, surveying work and engineering investigations, passing the Glav.Gos.Expertiza Plant design and obtaining building permits. In the future, he will oversee the construction of the entire complex for the extraction and processing of antimony.

Evgeny Trukhin studied in the Chita State University at the Faculty of “Open mining” in the specialty Mining Engineer.

Evgeny Trukhin has more than 15 years experience in companies engaged in the design, mining and processing of natural resources: gold, iron, antimony, molybdenum, etc. At the last few sites of his work he was appointed chief engineer of the project.